Infidelity | Adultery | Cheating


Signs that could mean your spouse is cheating:

  •  ​​Decreased intimacy and/or sudden change(s) in behavior.
  • Decrease in time spent together as a couple.
  • Increased activity on the internet, cell phone use, or  texting on their cell phones.
  • Late night or hang-up phone calls.
  • Unexplained ATM withdraws and/or separate accounts.
  • Your significant other becomes overprotective of their phone, passwords, or bills.
  • Your significant other becomes more concerned with  their appearance.
  • Hidden credit card bills or phone bills.
  • Your husband or wife is not wearing their wedding band.
  • Your significant other uses phrases such as:

                     "I need space."

                     "You are smothering me."

                     "We are just friends."

                     "It's your imagination."

                     "You are being paranoid."

                     "I do not find you attractive anymore."

                     "I'm just confused."

                     "I don't know if I'm in love with you anymore."

                     "We need a break."

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Infidelity / Adultery investigation information​

Cheating is a serious and rapidly growing problem in our society. Being cheated on effects almost every aspect of our lives including our state of mind, happiness, sleep, social relationships, and general health. Proving adultery will help achieve custody in divorce situations. Capturing elements of public displays of affection (PDA), and time spent behind closed doors, are required to prove infidelity/adultery, and shows intimacy and/or the opportunity for intimacy. Everyone has the right to be informed and to protect their assets, family/children, property, and most importantly, themselves. Let us obtain the evidence you need to give you peace of mind  

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