About Us

Infidelity | Adultery | Cheating


Infidelity, adultery and cheating are serious problems in our society. Having an unfaithful spouse or partner impacts many aspects of our lives. Proving adultery will assist in divorce cases. Everyone has the right to be informed and deserves the opportunity to protect their livelihood. Let us obtain the evidence you need to give you peace of mind. 

Insurance Fraud | Worker's Comp


Insurance fraud is any act committed with the intent to obtain a fraudulent outcome from an insurance process. This may occur when a claimant attempts to obtain a benefit to which they are not entitled. Our experienced investigators are skilled in defrauding claimants by collecting evidence of them either breaking medical restrictions or earning income at a job they should not have.

Child Custody


If you have reason to believe that your child is not being properly cared for; surveillance, video evidence, and/or documented eyewitness accounts can help prove your case.  If you fear for your child's safety, WE CAN HELP!


Competitive Rates

Hiring a Private Investigator can be expensive and our company knows the importance of cost. We have streamlined our in-house operations so that we can keep our rates extremely competitive while maintaining our consistency in providing you the exceptional investigative services that we are known for.

Customer Relations

Bravo Investigations is a client oriented company that works collectively with our clients through every step of the investigation process. This allows us to cooperatively develop the best possible strategy for each individual situation. All investigations are worked by licensed, bonded, highly trained and certified investigators. Bravo Investigations does not subcontract and does not believe in using middlemen.


We utilize advanced surveillance equipment including Sony HD digital camcorders with night vision and optical zoom, covert/hidden cameras, and covert GPS tracking systems, to name a few. using superior equipment allows us to collect the highest quality evidence possible.

Reports and Turnaround Time

Bravo Investigations is dedicated to providing our clients with detailed, timely and easy to read reports. We provide an in-depth timeline of events and precise summaries. We are committed to delivering our clients with results containing superb video evidence. 

Valuable Evidence

We understand how to obtain, and know the importance of valuable evidence. Bravo Investigations will stand by all video and eyewitness evidence acquired during our investigations. We will always stand by and testify to, our evidence in a court of law. 

Extensive Preliminary Report / Background Check

We offer preliminary and background investigations on cases before we begin surveillance. However, in the event that a general background check does not return the best information for your needs, we offer our DREDGE, deep internet investigations that meticulously search the internet and social media sources to obtain the most information to help us get the results you need.